Jules the British Short-Hair

Jules is 9 weeks old and a British short-hair blue/cream! She is CONSTANTLY running after her little toy mice and hiding in cardboard boxes! She loves people and climbs up you like you’re her scratching post! She likes to watch the discovery channel and sits right in front of the TV! When she manages to take a break from the hard work of being a kitten, she climbs up on your lap and sleeps on her back for hours! I LOVE MY KITTY! OOOOOHHH - She just walked over the keyboard!!



Awww....she is precious!


She's a mess! They could have all the toys in the world & they'd play w/ boxes & paper bags.


You are very Lucky to have a female onrage kitty in your family. They are quite rare and I have only see two others in all of my veting time and hubbys.... She is lovely and looks like she is already fitting right in... Still sorry about Luau

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