Jessie the Wise

Black Cats
Black Cats

Hi, This is our cat Jessie Rowland, she is a wonderful gentle loving, playful cat, and very friendly. Jessie is just over one years old and her breed name is a Bombay. Her eyes are very large and are the color of amber. Her coat is brown/black and feels like silk, so soft and shiny. She loves to play with her toys and has her own favorite places to rest in. She likes to play with our other cat Jason, and they get on so well. My mum took this picture because as we talked to her, and told her how beautiful she is, Jessie responded to the camera. she seems to be so knowing and understand of everything we say, We love her so very much.



She is so cute. I loved your little blurb about her. we have a Bombay that looks a lot like Jessie. He, too, has a great personality and often lays in weird positions. Also, I call him Mr. Silky, because he too is so soft. I can't wait to get home and kiss him.

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