Jasper is a Great Only Child

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Persian Cats
Persian Cats
Persian Cats
Persian Cats

Hello Everyone! This is Jasper, a 13 year old lovable cat. I got him when he was a kitten for my 16th birthday. He's so unpredictable in a good energetic way. He loves to take walks with me on his leash; he walks beside me just as if he was a dog. He greets me every time I enter the house & loves relaxing in his lawn chair in the backyard. He loves Chap Stick, mint gum, & soft chicken food. Of course I give him it all except the gum & Chap Stick lol. We play together every day for about an hour. He loves his electric mouse and fake dead bird that chirps. He's an all-around awesome cat. Since I have no children he is like my only child lol.



He's so beautiful!


He is so beautiful!




So true. Honesty and everything rcegoinzed.

marthena adley

i love your cat he so cute i have a black cat that is mean and playful and likes to bit other people's hand

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