Jake Won't be Stopped

Black and White Cats
Black and White Cats
Black and White Cats

I used to volunteer for a cat shelter and that is where I met Jake and as soon as I saw him I knew I had to take him home. He has a heart murmur, but that won't stop him from chasing me around. His favorite game to play is tag, but nothing compares to his love for sleeping on fuzzy blankets with his toy piggy. He is the most reliable alarm clock, because he will meow loudly in my ear repeatedly until I get up. He does that only because he is hungry, especially now since he is slightly overweight. So I have had to cut down his portions. There is so much to say about such a wonderful cat, but I'll end it with I am so lucky to have him!


Melissa G.

Beautiful Kitty <3


so sweet who is the lucky one you or him?

Jadene Jordine

awesome he is cute...


so cute!!! can you tell me what type of cat he is because I have an out outdoor one who looks identical and It would be really helpful, thanks! :)

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