Hobbes the Orange Cat

Orange Cats

We adopted Hobbes a year ago and he fit in with our family immediately! He's always getting into trouble...he likes to create chaos wherever he goes! He is an indoor kitty but likes to come outside on his harness to play in the dirt. He then enjoys a bath and loves to be dried off with a hairdryer! He loves to attend our daughters' tea parties and is always ready for dress up.

In this photo he is lying on the kitchen floor on his back. Anytime I am cooking in the kitchen he lies like this and stares up at me. (Maybe he's hoping for some crumbs to fall)??



Oh my goodness, he is so cute! Looks like my Pumpkin.


He is so beautiful!


Hobbs is sooo adorable!! He looks really relaxed. He's saying, I'm Such A Stud!!


He looks like a really sweetheart


what a little darling - my Tigger looks a lot like him, so cute adn innocent - and he is a little monster - but i love him to bits !

sharon thompson

he resembles my cat called scooby he is gorgious just want to hug him xx


soo cute just makes me smile

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