Harvey the Gentle Giant

Harvey is my gentle giant, he is two and a half years old and my big baby... i love him a lot, and he is absolutely stunning. I need both arms to lift him up; he's not fat, just big boned LOL. No, really, he's not a fat cat. Some baby pics are below...



What a beautiful cat. Such striking markings too. He is lovely, and that look on his face says he knows it too.


Abosolutly beautiful!


He is beautiful. I have some marked just like him.


Thank you for the lovely comments,i love him to bits and i hope he know's it.. : ]


ohhh....your cat is super duper lovely...i wish i have that kind of cat too...your lucky one^_^

hehe i have 10 cats in our house ..hehe


OMG HE IS SOOOO CUTE! Top cutest cat I've ever seen! <3


He is the spitting image if a tabby kitten that has just accepted me as its servant. I hope my kitten will grow up as big and strong as Harvey.

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