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Well I've only had him a few days. I found him and his sister trapped with his mother on our back porch. We let the mother out but she left him and his sister. On 4/19/11 we put him and his sister in a basket and put them outside. I think his mother got his sister but he was left there. We're not sure how old he is, a little over a month maybe, He's tiny though. As of right now our favorite thing to do is snuggle. He's trying to climb onto my shoulder to cuddle against my face. :] I think he wants my full attention. He keeps meowing in my ear. :) Now he's on my chest and is purring.
I know someone will ask about his name. I have a 10 month old Catahoula mix named Beowulf, so i thought it would be a good idea to name him Grendel. Plus it's playing off how a lot of people think dogs and cats interact. (For those that don’t know Beowulf kills Grendel in the poem, but I'm not going to let my Beowulf hurt this Grendel).
The second part of his name is obviously from Alice in Wonderland. And while I love the famous grinning Kitty just for being from the Stories, he’s named this because he grins when i touch him. He's an extremely affectionate kitten, and is trying to get into my bra.
He's also funny. He likes to relax when I snuggle him and if I touch him just right he'll roll just enough to slide down my stomach. He also likes to get in the most awkward spot on my body and fall asleep. Right now he's on my collarbone and is purring in my ear. He also has the funniest facial expressions. He's being bottle-fed and if I don't hold the bottle just right he looks at me with a "Should I claw her, or should I relax and roll" type of look.
All in all, He's an awesome Kitty.



What a cute kitten.

Ashlee Shearer-Thomas

awoah, dat is one asian kitty you got thar.

I wonder if he eats daily woo woo@

You're baby will go hungry

Yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyo check it out y'all

word. I wove kittens and dis is cuttteeeeeeeeeee so freaking cute i could just smash his beebee head. <3


dayum that is an adorable kittty and i mean adorable who wouldnt wanna squish that lil beebee???? shes also orange i like orange its a great colour for a lil kitty like this one. she is so freakin cute mun thats one lil beebee u hold on to it forever someone will steal it cuz its that dayum cute. thiss kitty should b arrrested for lilness anyways peacout my kitty lovers word

lil kitty lovers unite!!!!!

ok WOAH WOAH WOAH this lil kitty aint reall fellas its to dayum lil. its so freakin cute mun. des it dance i like lil kittys wh dance i seen a lil cat talk once im pretty sure it was from asia. its was just a beebe roonka. man i got a tubby bubba of my own she goes by the lil name of cookie and she shuffles and talks lol shes real and i bet yu guys r all jealous of my asian cat yeah thats right shes mine mine!!!!!!MINE!!! and none gonna change dat !!! peace out!!!


OMG hes so cute but my cat Stormy had four kittens Orange and white is Angel.Gray and orange is Jack.Gray and white is Chico.Gray is Mac.When it is Saturday night they will b 3 weeks old.I wish everyone could see them.and when they are in ur hands they are like furballs.


That a cute kitten.

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