Garpϋg the Gray Cat

Gray Cats

Garpug is a very playful fat cat.
He likes to eat anything, from cat food(wet or dry) to lamb steak.
He eats on the dining table as well.



Handsome baby boy! I love that he eats on the table!

Carol E. Olden

He looks like he is posing at the formal dining table there with the curtains in the background , waiting for the first course, with clean paws, of course. Here's hoping he does not snag the first course and take off with it as some cats have been known to do, as their wild instincts do not always go away just because they are domesticated animals.


This cat is beautfull we now have 6 cats 4 indoor & 2 Outdoor cats. I have become very close to them.they are so smart & loveable.


Fat cats are the most fun ;)


Tip top stuff. I'll epxcet more now.


Looks like a king >

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