Foxy Hester

Cute Cat: Foxy Hester
Cute Cat: Foxy Hester
Cute Cat: Foxy Hester

Foxy is a Orphan cat who showed up at my house 4 years ago. He is so sweet and is very smart. He loves to watch birds from inside the house, and is very playful! He brings so much JOY to my days!! I don't know what I would do without foxy!! In the picture I submitted he is posing for his picture!! The table he is under is his favorite place to play!! He tries to catch his tail and does flips under the table! He is my shadow every where I go!! Please pick foxy he is adorable!!



foxy is a lovely boy, hope you have many happy years together




Foxy is just the cutest little guy!!!
He reminds me of my ex BF's kitty Sylvester.I put off breaking up with him for months just because I didn't want to part with that adorable black and white luvbug!I wish there were even more pics of him, he's soo precious!


Aww foxy is soooo cute!

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