Fenwyck Posing for the Camera

Tabby Cats
Tabby Cats
Tabby Cats

Fenwyck found me. I had gone back to get a rescue cat, and as I walked by he stuck out his as if to say "Hello, here I am, forget that other cat!"
And it's been love ever since. He is the king of his castle as the pictures show. If anyone pulls out a camera, the posing begins. He even has his own blog: fenwyckthecat.blogspot.com/

His favorite toy is dental floss....



I know this cat's dad!!!


Lighting must be his brothers
he likes the camera to


He is the feline doppelganger to my cat Fennec!

Kathleen C.

Oh I also have a cat a black and white one.BUT THIS ONE IS SO SO so so Cute!!


the cat is just so cute,the eyes are the cutest

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