Cute Cat: Ellie
Cute Cat: Ellie
Cute Cat: Ellie
Cute Cat: Ellie

Ellie is such a loving cat. She will always give me fusses and tolerates me fussing her all the time, because she is adorable. She is a bit of a poser and seems to like her photo taken, so it was hard to choose two. She also entertains me when she is chasing moths and flies that are so tiny you can barely see them. She loves to snuggle in blankets and go in places that she knows she should not go. I love her.



Love it!;D


Cute! That's my favourite pirtuce of you and Tom ever.Also, I looooove that your first Flickr pirtuce is from Olan Mills. I have such . . . interesting . . . memories of going to a local hotel every year to get pirtuces taken by them in one of the rooms. I wonder if that's a usual place for Olan Mills to set up shop, because now that I look back on it, it seems tooooootally weird. Maybe it's just a smalltown Ohio thing.

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