Eeney or Meeney

Cute Cat: Eeney or Meeney

Our stray, Jenny, had quintuplets one month ago. All five are orange tabbies with blue eyes and a little gray on the ends of their tails. Since I can't tell them apart yet, I've named them Eeney, Meeney, Miney, Mo, and Baby. The picture is of either Eeney or Meeney.



Cute story! xD


I have a kitten like that. We named her Caramal! :)


soooooo cute.......


i have too..we named her Aslan!!,<3 :)


ahh baby sweet little ginger feet i love it


i had a couple cats like that name milkshake, thomas, and preshes but milkshake got killed by a dog preshes died of old age and thomas ran away! :( but i got a new cat named Ebony but she is epilepic which means she has seizures and we just got a cat named Delilah she is a gray tabby

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