Earl is Getting Old

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Exotic Cats
Exotic Cats

He is such a cute cat! I love him so much! He is getting old, and my dogs terrify him, poor kitty. Once, he started to attack some string, and an hour later he was all tangled up!


Laura Blancoy

He is a beautiful russian blue, I have had many like him they are the best hunters and very loyal, I had my Billy till he was 22 then he went into the wood and never came back,I new he was ready to cross over, but I miss him all the time.


I hear they sometimes get confused and mistake their owners for trees and climb them the same way when scared to escape danger.That must be the same as attacking string only to be trapped by it later.I learned never to leave out string yarn beadwork projects with threads and needles sticking out of them or at times even left over hairballs from grooming cats as they have a tendency to try to eat these things and end up having to have a trip to or visit from the vet to extract them from their mouths or intestinal tracts so they do not die from uncautious eating. Maybe they think the above are like mice tails?


He is beautiful

Debbie Williams

Such beautiful cat! I have a long-haired black cat named Salem,he'll be nine in August,and I love him dearly.


I hate to hear about beautyful cats dying but i know it is the way life goes. What breed is he?


He is a beautiful Russian blue

ellen bailey

We Had a Russian Blue named Paddy or Mr Pads...he was 10 when he died last year and we miss him so much..he was the most wonderful and friendly cat i have ever known,when i was down he knew and would come and hang out with me,when i was pregnant with my Daughter Anya he spent all his time siting on my bump feeling her kick and im sure he knew there was a baby in that fat tummy...when she was born Paddy would sit by the baby all the time and they became best buddies..we will miss him forever :(


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