Dusty Was a Great Friend

Dusty was dropped off close to my house at around 5 weeks old. He clung to the back fence door like he was never going to let go. He quickly became the man of the house, letting me know when he wanted out or was hungry. If I should come home from work hot and sticky, thinking bath, bath. He would bite my ankle while I was running the water. His way of saying, "Not before you feed me." My friend let herself in late one night and I could hear him telling her, "You don't belong here." We would sit together in the evenings whispering sweet nothings to each other. I miss Dust, it was a great 17 years together.



Dusty is a beautiful cat.I kind of know what you are going through.I had 2 cats of my own,that I loved dearly.My boyfriend is alergic to cats.He wanted to move in with me.So I made a terrible mistake and got rid of them both.I miss those cats so much.Now they are gone and my boyfriend is gone too.

David Alaba

Dusty was quite beautiful. Perhaps you and Karylyn will want to pick up new cats at the pound?


Such beautiful memories of a great cat.

maria cecilia martins de pinho

So adorable! I myselfel I have five cats. They can be so cute, amazing, intelligent and friendly. I love cats.

maria cecilia martins de pinho

I can not imagine how some persons can not be delighted with such amazing animals


Dusty is so cute. I feel so bad even though I don't know you.


do you still have him because i want so bad he is so cute that i would not get rid of him is he trained to pee and poop in a litter box and is he an out side cat


How is that so so so so cute

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