Dexter Does the Thriller

Gray Cats
Gray Cats
Gray Cats
Gray Cats

My cat Dexter has an evil side and he is so stupid that he starts doing the thriller bye Michael Jackson while he was lying on my mums lap. But he also has a very nice calm side where he is that soft and hug able!


Laura Blancoy

what wonders this little baby see"s in those eyes, please have him nautered, so he can live a wonderful life, all God's creatues need to be loved, he will give you so much love for your pain and happness.


He is very beautiful


HEs so cute! i wish he was mine.

holly glasbey

thankyou i know hes as cute as a button! xx


awww that cat are soo cute. good thing i have 1 of tham :3


Aww he is he the "surprise kitty" internet sensation? If not, he looks like that lil guy!

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