Coco and Rosie

Tabby Cats
Tabby Cats
Tabby Cats
Tabby Cats
Tabby Cats

These are my gorgeous girls Coco and Rosie. They are sisters, and are very mischievous and are full of personality. They like to climb anything, including curtains, chairs and plants. They adore each other and are always grooming each other and curling up to sleep together. They also like to groom their owners!


Heidi Lynae

Awwe, she looks just like my tabby at home Miss Kitty! So adorable, makes me want to go home and kiss her on the nose!




Aaaawwww! Soooo cute!!!


I love tabby cats.....they look like my Bailey! So cute!


wow awesome cat!.............I LOVE THEM!

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