Chloe a.k.a. Chloe Bear

Tabby Cats
Tabby Cats

Chloe(also known as Chloe Bear) is about 5 years old and is the love of my life. I picked her up on a rainy May night about 5 years ago - I heard her meowing underneath my apartment balcony and went and grabbed her. She was very tiny at the time and the vet said she only had about another week to live. We're pretty sure she was abandoned. Anyway, now she has a really feisty, playful and 'I am the queen" attitude but she's also VERY sweet and SUPER affectionate. She loves to play and everybody says that even though she's five years old, she still has a kitten face. She's my baby and I love her!



Ain't nothing better than laying in a shoe box!


Chloe is a lucky girl, finally she found someone who takes care of her...I hope you and your baby enjoy each other for many years, she is so cute!


hey you are very cute.i tell about my cat meili she look like cute.she is so beautiful.

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