Champion the Black and White Cat

Black and White Cats
Black and White Cats
Black and White Cats
Black and White Cats

Champion is 1 yr. Old. I got him at 5 weeks old when his mommy stopped feeding he and his brother. Champion loves the rings around milk jugs. He also loves playing with his fishing pole and laser light. He has 3 older adopted brothers he had to learn to live with. His funniest thing is washing his paws in his water dish. He is the best tuxedo cat ever!



He looks real! Love his stripe down his belly!


He is a SUPER CAT... very beautiful!


What is it about those rings around the tops of milk jugs? My cats love playing with them more than any of their other toys and then they hide them as if they were gold nuggets...LOL. I guess Champion has the same mindset as my cats...or vice versa. Ha ha.

Yszabelle Lhacerna

cute 1yr old white cat male- name: krungkrung


He is very pretty. What a beautiful cat.


He is very cool cat lol

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