Cute Calico Cats - Cat Pictures

4 comments | Submitted by Walymelia on Nov 28, 2012

Timothé (or Timomo) is a male calico I bought in a pet shop. Of all the cats of his family, he was the cutest and the smallest. I picked him... Read More »

8 comments | Submitted by Katelyn Marshall on Jul 27, 2012

This is Zima. She was the love of my life. She brought happiness into my life every day. She was more like a dog than a cat, she would go on... Read More »

4 comments | Submitted by Stela on Jul 15, 2012

This is my Kitten Mumi. She’s a 6 week old kitten. She’s really active and funny. She like to play with her ball, and sleep all day :)

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4 comments | Submitted by Becca Davis on Jun 12, 2012

Sugar is sassy and adorable! She loves on everybody. Sugar is even friendly with our two dogs! She is funny and cute and so loveable!

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