Button the Black Kitten

Black Cats
Black Cats

Button is a small, playful, little black kitten. She is very fearless and is always up to play-wrestle with her brothers and sister. She is black with little grey paws and has the best personality a kitten could have.



Button looks like she's thinking, "what?" It wasn't me!!


Button is not black. She is a chocolate brown color. She looks to be about three weeks old.


I think that she is the most adorablest thing. She is so cute. How old is she right now?


I love the blue eyes. Her eyes r so expressive

Debbie Williams

AWWW what an adorable little kitty cat!Love her blue eyes!!!

Patricia Roselle Oliver

Does this cute kitten need a home?


Hey Jeff don't you have a cat already? If so, be rellay wary of adding a new kitten with an older single cat. Apparently this can be a rellay bad combo especially if the cats are the same gender. I had a very unfortunate experience doing just that. My older cat never accepted kitten, they endless fought for the first 1.5 years, even though each have very gentle personalities. Eventually the health of the older cat was ruined. I guess this was an extreme experience, but I’m told it does happen sometimes when adding a new young cat with an older, single cat.

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