Cute Cat: Brie
Cute Cat: Brie

She is quite the ham. She loves lots of attention and has gotten pretty good at getting it. Unlike most cats she likes to be held and will attempt to climb on you if you don't pick her up on your own. She's gotten used to the camera now and is a master at striking a pose as you can see :)



Love the collar on her!


She is absolutely adorable!


cuter then justin bieber
hoow cute

Megan me

Cute kitten


sooo!! cute


aww this is 1 cat that loves to take a bath


what a sweetie, she looks like my poopie


Aw! I love her to death! How much do you want for her? JK!!! <33


awww it is soooooo cute. my favorite one is when brie was in the sink. love them pics.


aww so cute my fav one is when brie was in the sink thats just cute love the pics

kira brown

awww, this cat brought a smile to my face and loved the author description! She sounds like quite a character! thankyou for brightening my day! From one black cat owner to another. BLACK CATS RULE!!

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