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We rescued Bodie from Forgotten Cats when he was just a kitten. He and his brothers were found inside a cardboard box outside a meatpacking plant in Philadelphia. We visited with him and his brothers before deciding he was the one for us. We loved all their personalities, and they were appropriately named after the brothers from the movie "Point Break."
Bodie is now 2 years old and is quite a character. He can go from being the most loving kitty in the world to a demon cat who attacks your legs when you walk by. He is the loudest purrer known to man, and we can't figure out why he bites us while purring. We think he gets confused. Our favorite saying is that Bodie is lucky he's cute, because he tends to get into a lot of trouble, and it's only his adorable face that keeps him in our good graces. It's really hard to stay mad at him for more than a couple of minutes...even when he attacks our hamster's cage and dumps the whole thing onto the floor, or when he poops immediately after cleaning his box, or when he jumps onto the table repeatedly after making him get off, or when he crawls into the dish washer when you're trying to clean get the idea. He is a joy to have as part of our family and always brings a smile. He's good for that. :)



he truly is a beautiful cat and blessings upon all such owners who have rescued cats from apparently hopeless circumstances!

ps anyone who can figure out cat behavior deserves a Nobel Prize LOL

laura blanco corley

he looks like a cat my Brother had, except part of his ear was gone, he was born that way. He is very full of the devil and lots of love to give you.


so very cute i just want to hug him and kiss him:)


he is adorable like a button


Cat's own way of expressing love towards the owner or just wanting some attention...either way good owners because they can keep up with him...

cinta caty

love cat very much.

mmm, cute.


Take your cat to the vet asap. If this has been happening for a few days, get your cat to an emrcegney vet. Antibiotics may have some side effects, but much less worse than the bladder infection that occurs from a UTI. My cat is taking Clavamox or Baytril and is doing much better. She was in pain from being unable to urinate much. Also, she had blood and pus in her urine. If there is no actual infection, the vet may just treat her with an anti-inflammatory. Your vet may let you take a urine sample in to avoid stressing the cat with the needle.


Did they run bloodwork on her beofre the surgery? Are her kidneys really failing or is she just very dehydrated? They can go into kidney failure from their blood pressure dropping too low while anesthetized. It is very important to check with your vet that all surgical patients have an IV catheter, IV fluids, are intubated, kept warm during surgery, and that vitals such as blood pressure, heartrate, and O2 levels are monitored throughout the procedure. Pain medication beofre and after surgery is a MUST. This is NOT common if these simple yet vital protocols are in place I would question how the procedure was performed.

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