Cute Black and White Cats - Cat Pictures - Page 6

8 comments | Submitted by Christine Massey on Nov 11, 2011

PePot... what can I say about him? I picked him up from a horse stable when he was two months old and he smelled of dirty hay. I took him... Read More »

3 comments | Submitted by Sue Abrahams on Nov 2, 2011

Molly is now 16 months old and as you can see likes to hide in the bushes to jump out at everything that moves.

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2 comments | Submitted by Tammy Mitchell on Sep 14, 2011

Our cat Mia is a five month old kitten. She is constantly hyper and LOVES attention. She is good with other cats her age and older. She is... Read More »

5 comments | Submitted by steph on Jul 27, 2011

A hot hot day calls for a jump into the fridge! Su is my 12 year old queen of the household, with 3 other younger kitties and 2 humans as her... Read More »