Big Andy

Cute Cat: Big Andy

Andy is a cute, furry, friendly, and loving cat. He will cuddle with anyone who is nice to him, and LOVES his catnip. He is always there to greet us when we get home from school/work. He loves kids, (as long as they're super gentle!) and anyone of ALL ages! He also loves to be petted.



your so lucky


Handsome kitty. :D

shakenna harrison

awww,so sweet.Now thats a healthy kitty


So cute and so fat :D Love it


that cat is so cute.


OMG this cat is soooooooo cute! looks like my onyx but with white.


I like that big cute cat!
is he aboy or a girl?


This cat is soooooooo cute! You're so lucky he's full grown mine is a kitten but I still entered him in the contest it's a plessure to be in the contest with you


this looks exactly like my cat Sid. same size, weight, and age. but the problem with my cat sid is that he is really uncoordinated.


there was this one time where my cat sid tried jumping from my kitchen table to the kitchen counter. but rite b4 he jumped he slipped. and even though he slipped he still jumped anyway and smacked rite into my kitchen cabinet. haha Xb after that he got up, shook his head and meowed at me. and i said "thats yur fault u stupid cat"

zain shah

so cute

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