Bella and Misky

Cute Cat: Bella and Misky
Cute Cat: Bella and Misky
Cute Cat: Bella and Misky

We adopted our cats when they were kittens. Bella is so outgoing and adorable, she likes to talk to us all the time. Misky is a little bit shy but is very loyal and she her eyes are both different colors.



its so pretty...........


what a cat...


this cat like my botek so cute


The kitties are so sweet to see, I can pray that they are in a home with love for everyone, I have loved cats for longer than I can recall. This past saturday one of our beloveds, Clawed the Calico went on to the great unknown,at least she went in peace and her other momma (me) was there to hold her. The sweetest card came from our veterinian's office caused me to cry more but it was beautiful. The essence was some dream of angels I was abel to hold one in my arms. That resonates with the Clawed girl. May we all have an angel to hold in arms. Be good to everyone, it does make a difference.


its soooooooooooooooooooooo


Those cat's are so laid back I could die.:)XD It is soooooooo cute I could even more.


i have a cat named princess who looks exactly like that!


so cute.........i jz luv kittens!


Bella's name is perfect for her cause her furrs all white, and I love miskey's eyes.(misky's name rymes with my kitten misty)!!

Patience hodge

I have never seen a cat like that in my life. They are so BEUTIFUL!


Thank you everyone, these are my cats...I am reading all the comments and yes, they are adorable...every cat is adorable... I think! I have another picture of my brother's cat that I posted here..the cat's name is Emmy you can look at her picture too, my brother lives in Peru, I hope you like it, good day for you all!

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