Athenia & Artemis

Cute Cat: Athenia & Artemis
Cute Cat: Athenia & Artemis
Cute Cat: Athenia & Artemis
Cute Cat: Athenia & Artemis
Cute Cat: Athenia & Artemis
Cute Cat: Athenia & Artemis
Cute Cat: Athenia & Artemis

Me and my boyfriend Rob were looking for 2 kittens for a few months after moving to a cat friendly apartment. A friend told me that her cat had a litter and there were 2 of the kittens that were inseparable so she wanted them to go to the same home so we got these cute kitties. They have fit in perfectly in our home and with us.

They have picked their favorites and have claimed parts of the apartment. Athenia (the one with the lighter face) picked Rob and follows him around, her favorite place to hang out is either on his desk while he is on his computer or at his feet under the desk. She is a very sweet kitty and loves to lick our noses, if we let her I think she could do it for hours. Artemis (darker face) seems to enjoy me more, she likes to nap with me on the couch when I get off work and loves to sleep in my laundry hamper. She is the crazy one, always running around and making us play with her. They are very dog like so we call them our puppies, Artemis likes to play catch with some of her little mice toys and Athenia greets us at the door and sleeps in a dog bed.

They are growing up to be very happy and healthy cats.

Birthday- May 27 2010

Breed- Siamese Snowshoe


eileen johnston

my my they are really gorgeous unsual but in a lovely way they are very lucky to have such caring owners


i love these cats they are sooooooooocute and unushaul they are difrent to mine minie are one black and white and one gry mee mee and tilly.


OOOh.....they are just the cutest!


the twins are so cute!

range jay

i really like cats i want lots of photos of them... really i swear.

Diamond Locklear

They Look Like Twins xD Awwww So Cute!!!


omg that is sooo cute:)


omg that is sooo cute:)


They are adorable!Their markings are extremely cute!

lexi boyston

wooooow that is so cute

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