Anna Banana

Anna was about 3-4 weeks old when we got her and now she is almost 5 months old. Anna was abandoned at about 1-2 weeks old and was bottle fed by a family on the farm she was abandoned at. We continued with the formula, but feeding it to her from her bowl instead of a bottle. She is as fast as lightning and peels out on my lap...ouch! She loves laser lights, feathers, strings and things. She gets into everything and has us laughing every day!!!! I cant believe someone left her and the reat of the litter to die in a box.....Shame on THEM!!!!! My son and I lover her so much and we are truly blessed to have Anna in our lives. She is the first thing on my sons mind when he opens those little eyes in the morning and I love watching him be the kitty's "daddy" :)



What a gorgeous cat! Those eyes! She sounds like so much fun! So happy for you and your son!


she is so pretty!! the name Anna suits her perfectly for some reason :)


Awww! She's adorable! What breed is this beauty?

Donna Ybarra

What a sweety!! Absolutely adorable!


she s so cute!!!!!!!!!!


wow, she is absolutely beautiful.....


she is the most beautiful cat in this site. she looks like a princess. ^_^


She's dead cute! Love her paws


She's dead cute! Love her paws


She is the most Beautiful cat that I have ever seen, and over the years I have owned quite a few....Enjoy her, she is a treasure !

kitty cat is a cutie

what she said <3


She's so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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