8 comments | Submitted by Matai Spivey on Jul 24, 2013

Ash is really fun. He oddly likes water & my dog Jacob. She really enjoys sunbathing in the Winter. He really likes napping. He's kinda... Read More »

4 comments | Submitted by Gabrielle Ryanne on Mar 3, 2013

Lillian is a sweet, spunky, sassy little calico and Snowshoe mix. She loves to play with anything that flings, has flesh, feathers, or covers... Read More »

8 comments | Submitted by Jill Davis on Feb 18, 2013

Cameron is a cute love able cat but also has a crazy side. He loves to cuddle up with me. He is the only cat I know he plays fetch with hair... Read More »

7 comments | Submitted by Madeline Harris on Dec 17, 2012

In July of 2001, we adopted Sooner from a friend whose cat was having a litter. We knew right off the bat he was the perfect cat for us... Read More »